Inside sales is highly dependent upon online lead generation, which includes multiple means and mechanisms to reach out to target audience and establish a communication.

In this blog we will talk about the importance of email id verification as most important step in lead generation through email campaigns.

Importance of Emails: Though lot of theories are floating around, about social media posts and online articles to reach out to target audience and generate leads through the relevant content, the importance of email remains un-comparable. With no exception, a well drafted focused email is taken seriously by the professionals.

Now irrespective of plenty of professional networking platforms are available in market, email communication is considered as the most important aspect of professional communication. Professionals take emails seriously and consider responding to emails as their communication ethics. Thus, it is the biggest reason to get reply from any professional to an email at-least after few follow ups. Considering this professional ethic or compulsion, inside sales enthusiasts prefer email as the first and most important one to one communication channel to establish a dialogue with the target audience.

Pros of Sending Sales Pitch Emails:

  1. Emails are perceived more seriously by the recipients
  2. It engages the customer directly
  3. Addresses the recipient directly and establishes a personalized communication

Now sending email to unknown target audience, brings quite a few challenges. Most important among them is getting the email id verified for the correctness of the email id which you may already have or procured from online sources.

Why do we need to get the email verified and what is email verification:

Sending emails to wrong ids attracts the chances of getting them bounced. This will lead to low prestige of senders IP address and domain name. Continuously doing the same mistake with large bounce rates will lead to get the senders server and domain name marked spammed and blocked by the servers. This will hamper the email campaigns for long term or permanently.

Solution: The easiest solution is Email Verification.

Email verification is an online service offered by different tool providers, to identify possible discrepancies in the email id along with spam trap and save the sender being marked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Email Service Providers (ESPs) leading to permanent damage to sender’s reputation.

Irrespective of the source of the email id, its advised to get them verified for its correctness. This will give a clear insight into which emails to send the campaign to. There are quite a few online email verification websites, which verifies the emails provided by you and mark them safe or unsafe to send campaigns.

Why to get email ids verified:

  1. Email Ids are not consistent and changes due to many reasons like the professional’s job switch or business rebranding etc.
  2. Source of email id has provided wrong or old email id of the professional
  3. Your own email list has become old and does not contain refreshed data
  4. Wrong email ids lead to mail bounces
  5. Large number of bounced emails attracts blacklisting of your IP and domain

Onetime email list building will not serve the purpose, it should be frequently updated by getting it verified with reliable system.