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Data Intelligence

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Zupitu Precision Test

Enter an email address to verify its accuracy.

Precision is the key in email verification

Zupitu’s Data Intelligence continuously learns from the emails verified by the users across the Industry.

This self-learning mechanism is used to create patterns and predict the precision of the email verified. Three step process of Learning, Predicting and Enhancing the precision, makes Zupitu different from it’s competitors.

Built to Last

TriBot Mail Verifier

Unique 3 Level TriBot email validation system, is comprised of:


BVal : Bounce Validator

Recognizes invalid email addresses and remove them from list using BVal Bot and prevent email bounces.

  • Auto clean the mail list
  • Eradicate bounce rate
  • Increase mail success rate
  • Improves campaign efficiency


RFind : Risk Finder

RFind Bot Mark dummy, non-real risky emails and removes them from list.

  • Saves from getting marked as a spammer by ISP’s
  • Cleanse mailing list from risky emails automatically
  • Sustains reputation on ISP’s for future campaigns


MConfidence : Email Confidence

MConfidence BOT indigenously allocates confidence to Emails in the list based on whether it belongs to Catch All server.

  • Auto clean the mail list
  • Eradicate bounce rate
  • Increase mail success rate
  • Improves campaign efficiency

Email Verification for everyone


No fixed price

Choose your need and frequency to calculate ON-THE-GO payouts. More you use, more you save. This is not it. Zupitu believes in Rewarding. Get paid to use and refer the system.

Create your own plan


Get rid of excel list management.

Upload freely the csv list, Zupitu will charge only for unique items processed. Any previously verified email will be charged only if it’s status is changed, making it unique result.

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List Segregation

Manage Verified and Non Verified seperately

Exclusive feature to download and use only verified emails without any hassle of segregating in excel sheet. Leave upon Zupitu.

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Team work is more interesting

Get rid of paying for team member accounts. Pay only for just emails verified nothing else. So get onto creating as many team members you need to make your efforts fruitful.

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Get a deeper insight

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

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We work on the model to payback and reward our each customer from his own spent with us. We do not accommodate the free accounts by charging high to our paying customers and lure more customers on their cost.

We are confident about our product quality and precision, thus have created smaller packages for trials. In trail you get the same quality and precision as premium, to use the generated dataset for your campaigns.

Zupitu uses data intelligence to continuously learn from all the data that gets verified by its core engine. It regularly verify, learn and evolve to give the best precision.
We don’t compare ourselves with any tool as we prefer to learn and enhance our system instead of spending time in comparisons. It’s the customer who decides and prefer Zupitu over other tools in market. We give 3 satisfaction parameters and they are Good Price, High Precision, Excellent features for which our customer love to be with us.
We only charge for the core services that is number of emails verified, generated or enriched. Create more users does not affect the pricing of the product.